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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Designer Glitter Shoes...

KM2 Glitter Shoes

 More Glitter Shoes from another designer you may know......  CHRISTIAN LABOUTIN

 Another Name in fashion......PRADA and MIU MIU

LOVE THOSE.... Km2 Has Emerald Green Glitter. WOAH
Jerome C Rous

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tara and Clint Lowery Wedding September 2010 : photos by


Check out the amazing Photography by

Our Friend Tara Jenkins, Now Lowery, Just Married Clint Lowery  in the most beautiful intimate setting at the Conservatory in St. Louis, Mo... We cant even stand how gorgeous she looked and what an even more beautiful couple they are!
She wore customized Sage Audreys  by KM2 and her and her bridesmaids walked the isle in Mary Jo Cuffs.

CHA New Fall/Winter 2010 LookBook Featuring KM2!!

Almond Glass Cleopatra Cuff, Laura Lee in Ivory

Gold Glitter Audrey, Diamond headband

Annie Band, Silver Glitter Layla

Mary Jo Cuffs, Roman Holiday Belt, Annie Band, Rose Gitter Layla

Miranda Crystal Headband and Silver Glitter Audrey

Glass Rainbow Cleopatra Cuff and Silver Glitter KM2

Cobalt Glitter KM2 and Mary Jo Cuff Garter

Black Glitter Layla and Our Swavorski Crystal Belt ( taken right off Samantha singing Karaoke in Sex and the City 2)

Gold Glitter Audrey with Antique Buttons , Gold Diamond headband... We want to wear this outfit to the next Mizzou Game!!

Thunderbird Rocks it in its Indian Headdress Feathers

Silver and Rose Glitter Laylas , Roman Holiday Belt around Katelyn, Mary Jo cuffs in Blk and Silver, and our Vintage Scarf Annie Bands ( Inspired by Annie Garlich)

Wildfox  loves Black Glitter KM2

Venus lace up chain shoes with Jade quartz Cleopatra Cuff

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Saint Louis, MO 63124
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