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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Feather Fantasy Continues

one feather says a million words

 Peacock feathers represent pride, and by extension, nobility and glory. Peacocks are also known to eat poisonous plants with no ill effects, making their feathers a symbol of incorruptibility and immortality.

A Feather Headress is not limited to Native Americans

Victoria Secret Models Wear Feathers 

make the Sexiest feather shoes around

Sometimes people use feathers to tell their story

Some people love feathers so much they Ink their bodies with them

xoxo katelyn

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Larchmont LA Photo Op

A Storm was rolling in on Larchmont, LA the other day.....
so we decided to have a photo shoot with Starbucks and our Km2 Gear.

Loving Lux in Her Km2 Head Scarf

Km2 Princess Tigerlily on a Beautiful Bride

I met Michaelyn at a trunk show a lil while back at Bloom in Cape Girardeau, Mo with my friend Julie.
I  thought she was just so adorable and when I heard she was getting married and wanted to get a Km2 Headband for her special day I was elated! She is a stunning bride.
She also got a pair of Km2 Shoes to wear for everyday!
Love this Km2 Girl!