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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New York Diaries Pt. 1

So Km2 Headed to NYC last week for a very exciting visit. We went to talk to a factory in the city about making our shoes.... How great to have Km2 shoes made in the USA! a dream come true actually and that dream is about to become a reality. This is outside of the factory.... Beautiful Right?
 I had no idea that I would be so mesmerized by the inside of the factory, looking at all the pieces and all the hand work that goes into creating every pair. Km2 runs their own mini embellishment factory in Los Angeles, but this takes it to a whole new level. 

This is me with the factory owner Dorinne, her daughter Olivia, and sister Adele. They were adorable, and I am thrilled to start this working relationship and friendship with them. Check out their own shoe line, its adorable!

There is all of us again with Fred, an amazing sales rep, renown on the east coast. I found out after I left the factory that I kept calling him FRANK... what the heck, how embarassing. Anyways I am just as excited to be working with him, watch out NY here comes Km2. 

How fun is my job and my life? Too FUN! This adventure was the first of many to the east coast, look out for made in the US tags on Km2 in coming months and again, check out, we are big fans. 

-Love Katelyn

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