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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Eyelets are the latest look to love...

 Thus Sayeth All STYLE Makers

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Eyelet never goes out of style, call it old fashion but eyelet always manages to capture our attention no matter what. -SweetMak's recommendation for

*Eyelet: A small hole or perforation, usually rimmed with metal, cord, fabric, or leather, used for fastening with a cord or hook. 
*The first eyelet machine patented in the Unites States was invented by W. H. Rodgers and patented November 15th, 1859.
*Eyelet Screams femininity.
*Femininity: women collectively, the quality of being a woman. Beautiful. 


  1. the shoes are SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. those shoes are so amazing! i love them!!